Colorado. We finally made it. Our flight from Portland to Albuquerque changed planes in Denver. There was little chance of us staying this time, though: our destination – the Mt Taylor Winter Quadrathlon in Grants, NM – was every bit as attractive as Colorado (for Donna, that is). Silly athlete that she is, Donna thoroughly enjoyed her early birthday present from Slick, a 42 mile round trip from Grants to the top of Mt Taylor and back via road bike, running shoes, cross country skis and snowshoes. Replete with glistening snow atop towering evergreen boughs, vistas stretching across golden, high-desert plains to the horizon a hundred miles away, and the entire town as enthusiastic volunteers, this is by far Donna’s favorite race. And in His abundance, God let her walk away with not only another treasured memory, but an age-group award as well.

Back in Vancouver, WA we missed little flying because it had rained all weekend. Over the last two weeks, however, we have both become for more familiar and comfortable with both the Cessna 206 (one of the planes we’ll fly in Africa) and some specifics of “missionary pilot” flying techniques.