14 Feb 10: Nearly three thousand miles from where we began a month ago, our trail toward Africa continues. Beneath God’s hand of protection, we rolled through the Rockies and arrived safely in Vancouver, WA, as February began.

We praise Him for maneuvering us through many repairs and improvements to our home-on-wheels; for allowing us to visit with many friends, both old and new, along the way; and for the many miles through which Zoe slept! He also directed us around the state of Colorado, coming no closer than seven miles to its border. Both of us would love to live in Colorado, but God has resoundingly slammed the door every time we have tried to find employment there. This time He delayed us in Texas just long enough to discover a winter storm we were heading into and choose to detour around it to the north – and completely outside of Colorado instead of through it. Perhaps He knew it would be too much of a temptation. But given our history with trying to move to there, we have to smile at His rather dry sense of humor!

Over the next month, we will complete our flying training in Vancouver then Slick will begin his training in Nampa, Idaho. We greatly appreciate your prayers for safety, for quick minds and hands to grasp a set of flying skills very different from those God has already afforded us, and for the patience to enjoy life in our 8×21 foot mansion.

Chili uses Mommy's leg as a pillow across much of Wyoming