19 Feb 10: The gym below the “auditorium” at the Vancouver Barracks definitely wins the award for most character. Having no funds to fix it up because of the coming closure of the entire post, it is a mishmash of well-used old equipment…with no supervision or rules. Perfect for us! We have thoroughly enjoyed it – both using the few operable machines, the tired mats, and the cob-web-ridden shower area. The low-hanging pipes and patterned ceiling add all the atmosphere anyone could possibly enjoy!

Another treasure of combining support-raising with flying training is the opportunity to visit with friends from all over. It was wonderful to see Sarah and Matt again (to meet them for the first time, in Sandi’s case) and to meet their 13-month-old daughter, Mari. What a beautiful, contented child she is! It’s so obvious how much her parents love and care for her. What a treasure to witness that, and to bask in the company of fellow believers, dedicated to serving Jesus and loving others.

And again yesterday we practiced more cross country navigation, divert and lost procedures en route to a lunch date with still other friends who had a baby we met for the first time. Jenni & Jason drove all the way out from Spokane to Davenport for lunch when the weather did not clear as expected in Spokane. Their 9-month-old Kathryn spoke at length with our 6-month-old Zoe as all of us adults enjoyed the wonderful company of old-time brothers and sisters in Christ, catching up on the twists and turns through which God has been guiding each of us over the last two years.

the gym (below the auditoriom) at the Vancouver Army Nat'l Guard Barracks