12 Feb 10: Last Monday we cross country skied with her in the Chariot behind me. We discovered that the stroller can fall over and Zoe will be just fine, and that I can fall over and Zoe and the stroller will be just fine. Fortunately no bruises resulted from our experimentation and I was over the soreness of skiing within only a few days.

The longer we stay in a place it seems the more folks we get to meet and share a meal with. Last week we dined with Rick & his wife, whose son is in the AF, an Eagle driver, and Will and Nan, a young married couple. We know Will from our vision trip in 2006 to Ecuador. Nan is his new wife and a very sweet young lady. Both are willing but a little hesitant about going overseas with missions. Next week we have a pretty full schedule: the Osgoods at Fairchild, the Frauenzimmers in Seattle, Shan (flight instructor) and his wife, my dad’s cousin Patsey and her partner Richard. God has sure given us a broad circle of friends and family to share His work with!