I (Donna) am an adrenaline junkie. And addict almost. So I’d expect that fast and dangerous moments would stand out from the last month: cross country skiing on the foot of Mt Hood, or willing the Cessna 172 up over tall trees at the end of a short, narrow grass runway, or slipping between rising foothills and lowering clouds returning from Seattle in the deepening dusk.

But as I reflect on the last month, I’m struck again by the fact that the best memories come not from thrilling experiences, but from people. People – the folks who serve with Servant Wings, friends from the past (the Air Force, other places we’ve lived) and others we’ve met along the way. In contrast with Satan’s ruse, it’s not the “cool stuff out there” that transforms living into life, it’s the people right here!

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Zoe, at the controls of the mighty Cessna 206