“Onward and upward,” my dad used to say as we traveled. The last few weeks have included much of both.

We departed Vancouver, WA and the helpful folks at Servant Wings on 20 Feb, stayed with old friends in Hermiston, OR (where?!) and arrived the next day in Nampa, ID, 2500 feet above sea level. Slick has survived a week of grueling ground school, several flights and a day of cross country skiing with Zoe & me. Another two weeks or so of flying and he’ll be “fully trained” and ready to…be earth-bound for another year while we finish travels in the US and go to language school. But he’s looking forward to being finished and relaxing with family for a few weeks in…Colorado, of all places. That is, if God allows us to actually get there this time!

at the end of the trail, tho we did go a little further…of course!