Now that Slick’s flight training is done, God has gifted us with some time in our favorite state of Colorado. After a week with family high in the snow country, we descended to Colorado Springs where Donna took advantage of an Air Force program to add a multi-engine instructor rating to her flying qualifications. (How can losing half of your engines equal losing 85% of your capability?!)

In the meantime, Slick slipped out to Savannah, GA to teach an evangelism training conference for FCA-E (Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Endurance). As the group practiced compiling and sharing their testimonies and relating the Gospel message in a clear, concise, convincing manner, one man realized that he’d grown up in church, but had never responded to that message.

After a long chat with God in the parking lot, he made the decision that impacts eternity. It’s so amazing to be an audience to the direct work of God!

We’ve got our eyes open for more of God’s work as we continue our travels, returning to the support-raising trail through New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma over the next month. We really appreciate your prayers for safe travels as well as for endurance for life on the road, even as you praise God with us for His work in so many people’s lives.

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Donna's dad tries on Zoe's new shades