As we looked back over the last five thousand miles, God has definitely answered your prayers for safety! Pondering that, we realized that here in a land where most of our basic necessities can be filled by a quick trip to Wal-Mart, it is not always obvious that God is responsible for even the everyday and mundane, for in [Jesus] all things hold together (Col 1:17). So praise Him with us for the abundant way He has answered your prayer:

In state #2 of the ten we’ve traversed since leaving Idaho in March, an angel was flying fast! At some point as we drove down out of the Colorado Rockies, the bearing on the trailer’s left axel came apart spewing grease all over the rim of the tire and the road. Miraculously the wheel stayed put over steep, twisty Berthoud Pass (11,000 + feet) and down twenty more miles of mountainous interstate. We didn’t notice it until we bedded down for the night…“coincidentally” less than a mile from a repair shop! Thank you, friends, for the prayer cover!

As we return to Idaho for Donna’s flying training, please join us in asking Him for continued emotional, mental and spiritual preparation for our August departure, as well as sanity for all while Zoe’s Mommy and Daddy play reverse rolls for the next month ( 🙂 )!

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