June 2010

God proved yet again that He provides all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19). Fellow Africa-bound pilot Ben and his family felt God leading them to stay in Idaho as they finished preparation for departure. But when his flying training ended, they needed housing. At just the right moment, someone offered the organization a house to be used for missionaries. Rent was whatever the tenants could afford. Becky, Ben and their kids’ new home now provides a daily reminder of God’s abundant provision.

Shortly after that, someone who rents a big hangar in Nampa offered our friend Tim a parking spot in his hangar. True to character, Tim is as excited about someday sharing Jesus with the man as he is thankful to God for providing his little Luscomb (two-seat, high-wing taildragger) a new home!

Forest Service strip called Graham in the mountains east of Boise, ID

Funny things sometimes happen on the road… We put the video camera on to capture a family photo in Arches NP, Utah. Behind us is a small crevass about 15 feet deep, then a rock slab, then a 400 foot cliff. There were a few gnats… See the video!

Ah, communication. As we coordinated a visit with friends, they asked if we would bring the trailer and the dog, so that they might be properly prepared. We answered that we would have the trailer and Chili. They scratched their heads as to why we would bring chili for dinner if we were the guests, but prepared things that would go with chili nevertheless. When we arrived, they mentioned opening the canned chili and still we thought nothing of it. Just before dinner my friend asked very inquisitively, “Is the dog’s name ‘Chili’? I thought you were saying ‘Jilly’.” I apologized for speaking less than clearly, not understanding why the dog’s name caused such interest. “We were wondering why you were bringing the chili for dinner,” she continued. “We thought maybe this was some special chili you serve to people as you travel…” Apparently we had neglected to clarify that the Chili we were bringing had four feet and would eat her own dinner, rather than be ours!

The girls babysit each other

We’ve now met six of Slick’s nine sisters and one brother. He didn’t even know that many existed until mid-May when they all connected via the illustrious FaceBook. And for the first time ever, we’ve met his Dad, father of them all, who was never a part of Slick’s life…until now. We’re excited about that. And we’d greatly appreciate your prayers for them all as we join forces with Wendi, Terrie and Kim (a new believer) in effort to win the others to Christ.

Zoe is up to 28 states as we continue eastbound, stopping for a week to focus on homework, rest and recovery…and a great rail-trail (bike trail). One final push eastbound will bring us to many friends and family before we depart in August.

The Petersons - Wendi, Molly, Michael, Jacob & Scott (l to r) - and us

Some stories have no explanation outside of divine intervention. A friend and fellow pilot experienced many, of which I captured two: God’s math and God’s finger.

In front of the beautiful Delicate Arch, the sunglasses go flying...over a several hundred-foot cliff...

Visit our Flickr photostream to see more Moab, Utah photos.

With unexplainable peace and endurance this past month, we’ve experienced God’s response to your intercession – thank you for praying! Please continue to let us know how we can pray for and praise with you.

From the vantage point atop a steep airstrip we watched a second little airplane set up for landing. It turned and descended, lining up with the runway, then disappeared below the hill’s crown. Pregnant silence followed as sagebrush and grasses muffled the quiet engine noise. Suddenly the red-tipped wings reappeared, rising smoothly up the flattening slope and rolling to a stop abeam our airplane. My instructor, Scott, spoke briefly with the plane’s occupants, shouting through the open window, before they pushed the throttle forward and rolled back down the hill. Again they disappeared over the hill, but flew gracefully into view a moment later, skimming along the lush Idaho valley below us. That was the entertainment during our lunch break at Moriah Airstrip, which starts at a ten degree slope and levels off to just two degrees at the top.

Even more thrilling was the lunch we had a few days later, when God moved one of Slick’s sisters to begin a relationship with Jesus! “Lord, thank You for drawing Kim to Yourself. Please help her to become firmly grounded in knowledge and experience of You!”

With flying training complete, we embark on the last block of our support-raising journey which will traverse roughly 17 states in the next two months. Knowing the effectiveness of your prayers, please join us in petitioning for safe travels, productivity on the road as we begin our final seminary classes, and the ability to encourage the people we visit.

See you in the “throne room” 🙂 !

In His grip –
Slick & Donna

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 Fellow trainee and mission pilot from New Guinea, Tim prepares to drop a package toward the “drop zone” on the dry lake bed (can you see the open window?).

 Here are more pictures from our training and travels.