We’ve now met six of Slick’s nine sisters and one brother. He didn’t even know that many existed until mid-May when they all connected via the illustrious FaceBook. And for the first time ever, we’ve met his Dad, father of them all, who was never a part of Slick’s life…until now. We’re excited about that. And we’d greatly appreciate your prayers for them all as we join forces with Wendi, Terrie and Kim (a new believer) in effort to win the others to Christ.

Zoe is up to 28 states as we continue eastbound, stopping for a week to focus on homework, rest and recovery…and a great rail-trail (bike trail). One final push eastbound will bring us to many friends and family before we depart in August.

The Petersons - Wendi, Molly, Michael, Jacob & Scott (l to r) - and us