Ah, communication. As we coordinated a visit with friends, they asked if we would bring the trailer and the dog, so that they might be properly prepared. We answered that we would have the trailer and Chili. They scratched their heads as to why we would bring chili for dinner if we were the guests, but prepared things that would go with chili nevertheless. When we arrived, they mentioned opening the canned chili and still we thought nothing of it. Just before dinner my friend asked very inquisitively, “Is the dog’s name ‘Chili’? I thought you were saying ‘Jilly’.” I apologized for speaking less than clearly, not understanding why the dog’s name caused such interest. “We were wondering why you were bringing the chili for dinner,” she continued. “We thought maybe this was some special chili you serve to people as you travel…” Apparently we had neglected to clarify that the Chili we were bringing had four feet and would eat her own dinner, rather than be ours!

The girls babysit each other