In another experience of answered prayer, Heather’s, Zoe’s and Donna’s journey to France went almost completely without a hitch. Zoe slept soundly on the floor below the empty seat between us adults. She has adjusted quickly to the quarter-day time difference and even helped us clean the apartment floor with all her wanderings.

Today is her first birthday and she’s already had us laughing at her antics. She stood up on the bed between us for a few moments then raised her arms with great drama and flopped onto Mommy. She’s laughed at and talked with Mickey Mouse, who sat about as tall as she, then went about her climbing all over Mommy, Daddy and the bed. Once successfully making it to the floor, she discovered the diaper crate and pulled out all the diapers. After playing with the bag from the wipes that we just restocked, she was greeted with a stunning rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung by the Diffenhard’s two German children.

Meanwhile, back in France, Albertville is a cute little town tucked into a mountain valley. We hear that trails abound in the hills surrounding it and we look forward to exploring in the coming months. Gals from the French school have been making the transition easier, but as always with moving and travel, things take longer than we imagine. God continues to be faithful, however, repeatedly giving far more than we ask or imagine – Mt Blanc is visible from just outside town, the apartment is far bigger and better than we guessed with tons of little charms and it sits at the foot of a road that loses itself in the hills above. And Heather our nanny has been a huge blessing and help. We so appreciate God’s smiles!

Grandma & Granddad gave Zoe a surprise early first birthday celebrationZoe compares herself to the size of carry-on luggage

Zoe compares herself to the size of carry-on luggage

The car was packed a little full on the way home from the airport...