An advantage of the travels to Germany right on the heels of our arrival in Europe was that we started referring to our flat in France as “home” even though we’d only spent two nights there!

So we’re now back at “home” in France, where we went for a spontaneous bike ride (because the pool was unexpectedly closed) and found ourselves thrown back in time to the middle ages as the trail meandered UP to a medieval town and fort. In other modes of transport, we’re developing the art of getting found once lost and recovering from running on unavoidable (and wonderful!) MOUNTAINS.

“Home” is Albertville, host to the 1992 winter Olympics and a small town tucked into a mountain valley. We hear that hiking trails abound in the hills surrounding it and we look forward to exploring in the coming months. Gals from the French school have been making the transition easier, but as always with moving and travel, things take longer than we imagine…sometimes much longer! God continues to be faithful, however, repeatedly giving far more than we ask or imagine – Mont Blanc (the highest peak in France and home of the famous Chamonix ski resort) is visible from just outside town, the apartment is far bigger and better than we imagined with tons of little charms and it sits at the foot of a road that loses itself in the hills above. And Heather our nanny has been a huge blessing and help. We so appreciate God’s smiles!

The view from our office window.