Why should I be surprised? This must be the tenth time God did this. I should know better by now!

We were out of sorts with reference to the weekend. Although there were hundreds of opportunities – all gratis (free!) – on this holiday in southern France, the weather was questionable and we’d been unable to decide exactly what to see or do. I should have been looking for where God would steer us at the last minute.

At 9am Saturday morning as we tried to determine if rain would allow a bike tour, I saw the email from our friend in Germany saying the boxes we’d mailed had arrived. By noon we’d swum (the requisite workout), packed, researched tolls along the route and embarked on our second journey north.

It’s so like God, to work on our flexibility yet to shower us with good things even as He does! Always in the perfect time: never too soon nor too late – the clothes we brought along for Zoe are just now growing too small and too light for the cool weather. So in the perfect time, God gifts us with the rest of the clothes we packed for her. It’s just like Him.

So next time we’re a bit out of sorts, not sure of what our next step should be, I’ll keep an eye out for what treasure He’s about to unveil – in His perfect time and manner.

Like father, like daughter. Devotions after dinner.