In another experience of God answering your prayers, our journey to France went almost completely without a hitch. Zoe slept soundly on the airplane floor below the empty seat between us adults. She has adjusted quickly to the quarter-day time difference and even helped us clean the apartment floor with all her wanderings…she’s a human “swiffer”!

As we traveled around Germany getting supplies on the Air Force base (cheaper than on the economy), we enjoyed the hospitality of several Christian friends and heard yet another story that struck me as “so God”: One set of friends recently moved back to Germany, leaving behind a tight-knit group of believers to whom they had ministered for several years. They were particularly concerned about one couple and who would continue to care for them, but nonetheless our friends followed God’s call on their lives and returned to Germany. Upon arrival, they heard about another couple who had already stepped in to fill the gap they’d left – the new couple was even more trained and experienced at pastoral care than our friends! God completely obliterated their greatest concern about leaving. That’s just so God – to supply more than we ask or imagine.

Church that first Sunday was another wonderful demonstration of the larger body of Christ, the Church, which “spans all time and space and is rooted in eternity. That Church is as terrifying as an army poised for battle. It is a sight that makes even the boldest [demon] uneasy” (C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters). Experiencing God worshipped in another language, but knowing He is the same God gives just a glimpse of this truth.

The pretty town of Albertville. We live further down the valley to the right.