As you have prayed, God is slowly, but steadily enabling us to absorb French. Slick has been increasingly appreciating how God has uniquely maintained his language skills: by placing in him a tendency to blurt out phrases in French rather than English throughout the 30 years since his last formal language class. Donna, too, has benefited from how God wired Slick to do this.

Nor has Zoe been immune to God’s influence. She has grown an affinity for one book in particular. Though I (Donna) prefer to save it for bedtime reading, her insistence has influenced me to release it to her explorative fingers more often during the day. In a unique way, though, it is an answer to our prayers for her, that she so desires her children’s picture Bible! 🙂

We appreciate His response to your prayers – even in little details such as like these and we would appreciate your continued prayers for absorbent minds, humility and endurance: not only does language sometimes come far more slowly than we’d like, but we’ll also be running a marathon on the last day of this October – the 2500th anniversary of the original marathon, run on the original course.

The Bema in ancient Corinth where the tribunal likely met when Gallio dismissed Paul in Acts 18:11-17