Lined with vibrant colors, the narrow canyon we drove up slowly gave way to open alpine valleys fringed with snow-covered ridges. All the while, Slick and I talked. We talked from Albertville through Chamonix, passed several glaciers and down many switchbacks to the Lake Geneva valley. For all three hours of the journey, we conversed in French almost exclusively! Reflecting on our discussions, we realized we were experiencing God’s answers to your prayers. Thank you so much for joining us in prayer for our studies. Merci beaucoup!

Now, with the first trimester and associated tests complete we will begin building on the foundation laid in the last three months. Consequently, over the next few weeks we plan to apply a principle we’ve learned during our seminary years: that knowledge moves from our head to our heart when we experience it. Repeatedly, God’s written stories in our lives that have taken facts that we cognitively know about Him and lodged them deeply into our hearts.

Putting this concept into practice, we ask that you pray that we would be able to move our head-knowledge of French to a heart-level fluency through regular, disciplined! “experience” of speaking, listening, writing and reading – even over the Christmas break as we pause to thank Him for the incomparable gift He’s given.

Getting the family out for a walk

Just up the road, this is one of those things that we passed many times before actually seeing it: a bear sculpted into a tree.

On the other side of the house with the tree sculpture is a train...

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