April 2011

A beautiful hike with tons of ruins labeled with the history that surrounds them and two little museums of yesteryear in the Alps. And with an amazing view!

Taking a glance from south to north after our picnic lunch

A little bit of silliness along the way made it all the more fun

Concerning the “grease of God’s grace” that He generously gave us in answer to your prayers from last month, we slid unhindered through all the company and visiting earlier this month (though admittedly it wasn’t so uneventful for the company). God honored our requests for an opportunity to share His love and work with unsaved family members. Three of them agreed to read through the book of John 1 chapter a day while challenging God “that if you exist, show me”! So we would very much appreciate your prayers that the seeds planted in these hearts would begin to germinate and continue to grow.

Additionally, we’re very thankful that the leadership of our mission agency AIM AIR (www.aimair.com) is in the process of deciding whether we’ll be serving in Nairobi or in Uganda. Please join us in praising God for the coming revelation of His direction for us through those in authority over us. (It is always nice to know where you are headed.)

Exploring the front yard and appreciating Yvette's hard work