For the first five times we did the drive to or from Frankfurt, Germany, the GPS said it would be eight hours…and it actually took ten. This last trip, to begin shipping our stuff home and to encourage siblings in Christ, took just over seven hours each way. While we thank God for the patience He taught us during the first five trips, we praise Him for answering prayer in abundance: not only were these journeys faster, but they were also quite productive in terms of work done on the road and quality time as a family.

As we looking forward to the next few weeks, we’re don’t have to think long before we risk overloading y’all with subjects for prayer :). We’re down to the wire with just one week of school left before finals, and we desire to honor God by finishing well. We also have planned a few more visits with family and friends, and some more travels; we’d appreciate your prayer that we would be an encouragement to all whom we meet and that God protect us as we spend long hours on the roads at the end of the month. In prep for the travels, there will be many hours of packing and handling other logistical details of exiting France and moving to Africa for which we greatly desire God’s wisdom and endurance.

We’d also appreciate your prayer for the Norwegian/American couple (Mary and Jacob) Slick shared the Gospel with in Chamonix last weekend. Jacob so appreciated Slick’s prayer for them that he hugged him after the “amen.” Pray that God would continue to draw them to Himself and that they would respond to His wooing. (Read the story here.)

Finally, we praise God that the cherry tree outside our apartment has produced so many shiny, scrumptious berries – what a treat! 🙂

Zoe turns a dungeon floor into a sandbox.