In answer to your prayers, camp was a great opportunity to serve both kids and staff, in addition to furthering our language skills. Slick was in charge of bubbles (see picture below), which allowed some valuable interaction with the kids as well as spiritual insights, (see “Bubbles” on Donna’s blog) while Donna watched Zoe and did any odd job that cropped up, from laundry to bike maintenance to fixing leaky showers.

Now as we return temporarily to the US, logistical challenges continue, for which we desire God’s continued wisdom and endurance. We will be stateside for six weeks of training and packing before leaving for Africa. As we’ve said before, transition times are not easy for anyone and we would ask for prayer specifically directed against the enemy’s attempts to confuse with our communication as a couple as well as for an abundance of grace each for the other and for Zoe!

In the peace between us and in the details that fall into place, among other things, we often see God’s response to your prayers – thank you for praying!

"Roll, Zoe, roll!"