There’s nothing like sleeping in our own home, even if it’s one we’re just moving in to. God generously provided us with a house we could move into right away and with generous friends Mike and Renee (fellow AIMers), who have been absolutely amazing with helping us get settled.

We thank you for praying for the grace that God so generously provided along the road to this point. Our last month at ABO has definitely been a “learning experience” and thanks to your prayers we made it through. (There were definitely some challenges that needed teamwork!)

As we press forward through a week of language instruction (Swahili) then into the beginnings of Slick’s training in the hangar, we greatly appreciate your prayers for logistics again – for our shipment to arrive quickly and intact, and for the myriad of details to fall into place, things like getting cars, household goods and Kenyan drivers’ licenses. We also ask Jesus daily for patience and grace as we continue to transition cultures. It’s been a great ride…if you like 4 wheeling!

A visit to a home near Machakos, a hour outside of Nairobi. Zoe was most interested in the chickens. We enjoyed the tea and buttered bread, though the language barrier was significant.

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