December 2011

Rather than drop leaves, this tree dropped purple blossoms that carpeted the ground below Zoe's favorite swing

See more picures from around our home and from Rift Valley Academy on our Flickr site.


“Next week,” they say, regarding the arrival date of our shipment. Each week the answer remains the same :). While we appreciate the predictability, we wouldn’t mind that answer changing someday…

In stark contrast and in response to your prayers, God has provided us not only with a great car, but licenses and the registration documentation as well…and even more than that, with the use of a “piki” (Swahili for motorcycle). Much quicker trips to and from work for Slick, down from 45-90 min by car to just 20-30 – for the 5 mile trek in traffic and very minimal rules of the road.

Speaking of work, we can testify to the statement we heard years ago, that people are the greatest part, and the greatest challenge, of ministry – lol! 🙂 Nevertheless, Slick’s been thoroughly enjoying digging into the guts of various light planes and learning to safety wire like a pro. He’s about 4 weeks into his 12 weeks of maintenance orientation, while Donna’s been orienting Zoe to the discipline of the potty. Peanut is doing well…moving around a bit and pushing Mommy’s belly out just a wee bit! As we move into the season of short rains and holidays, we continue to covet your prayers for endurance, grace and wisdom as we continue to transition into the Kenyan and missionary cultures.

Our fearless guard dog in action. It’s good to be a whole family again, though Chili often hides under the table or behind Mommy’s legs to escape the enthusiastic affection of her 2-year-old sister.