Normally Matti smiles and coos, but sometimes she fusses impatiently as she waits for me to pick her up and comfort her. Sometimes there are just things that need to be in place before I can settle down with her. And while those things are arranged, she simply has to wait.

Such is the place we feel we’re in. God is doing something and we’re dying to know what, but while He arranges the circumstances, we must simply wait. We have accepted a job with the Air Force in Spangdahlem, Germany where our mission field might be fighter pilots and military folk. But paperwork will prevent us from going until the end of August. And so for the summer we’ll be working at Camp Cedarbrook in upstate New York (see below).

Separately we have both wondered if God is slowing our timeline down so that the folks in Colorado might have time to hire a pastor for Fraser, though we do feel that the chances of them calling Slick are low. Or, by making us wait even longer, God might simply be further forming us… As my dad likes to say, situations we don’t like, but can’t change are “opportunities for spiritual formation.”

As we wait, we’re getting our bodies back in shape with a little encouragement (see picture below) after some time off from the athletic scene due to pregnancy and the life in Nairobi. When Donna competed in a local race, God seemed to affirm this direction with a tiny sip of His abundance: she placed third in her age group in the oldest and largest triathlon in New Jersey.

We continue to pray for you all and very much appreciate your prayers, support and encouragement through this time of transition.

In His grip –
The Douglasses

PS: Our latest pictures are posted:

PPS: Camp Cedarbrook is where Donna spent her summers years ago as a camper then counselor. Their “Camper in Leadership Training” (CILT) grounded her in the Word and gave her the tools to study it and to teach it. It has been an invaluable benefit: to Donna throughout her life, now to us both and also to all those with whom we’ve studied the Bible over the years. While Slick’s position there this summer is paid (a little 🙂 ), the camp is supported largely by donations. So if you would like to support the camp’s work or indirectly support ours, please visit their website:

Zoe gives Mommy a little help starting the route