We have been enjoying Matti Grace tremendously. Both Donna and she have been getting stronger every day. We sure appreciate your prayers to get us thru the delivery…they were right on the money! In fact more than once we have commented on how things have gone too smoothly at times, but we know why. Having y’all behind us has been the greatest blessing of this season of our lives.

Unfortunately, it looks like this season is at its end. AIM AIR has had some rather tremendous setbacks and is now struggling to decide whether they will continue to function at all. We knew AIM AIR had some problems but were shocked at the level of organizational dysfunction we had just stepped into. It became rapidly apparent that the leadership had made some tragic errors…some they will never recover from.

AIM AIR suspended the General Manager unjustly shortly after our arrival. AIM conducted an extensive investigation which cleared him of all the allegations and (without any apology) offered him reinstatement, which he refused. Since we have been home (12 March) the government of Kenya has revoked AIM AIR’s maintenance license and AIR AIM is presently not booking any new flights. They have fired the Director of Maintenance; the Director of Flight Operations resigned shortly thereafter to avoid his impending termination. The owner of one of the most well-used planes terminated its lease to AIM AIR. Samaritan’s Purse has announced they will be leaving their long time partnership with AIM AIR to begin independent operations. Slick offered to help AIM AIR reorganize and reconstruct, but was told he was the “new guy” and despite his 25 years as an aviation professional, they dismissed his inputs and gave him no credibility.

Consequently, we have been intensely seeking God’s guidance for the way ahead through prayer and the guidance of many mature godly men in our lives. We have concluded that the door to mission aviation with AIM AIR has closed. We pray now for the Lord’s guidance on our next steps and are awaiting His revelation. But sadly, this chapter has ended.

Truthfully, we were a bit bewildered about the sudden, unexpected change of events. We hope you are not left wondering what this was all about. It is pretty simple really: sin…there are men everywhere who sin and there are repercussions. Sometimes we suffer because of our own sin and sometimes we suffer because of the sin of others. What is important is how we react to each situation. As Donna and I have processed this, we realize we do not have all the answers but we are certain that the Lord asked us to go to Africa, that He has brought us back, that He is in control and has done all things for our good and His glory. We are confident of His care and have seen Him move during this trying time, growing us and covering us with His protection and provision. We have had the opportunity to share our lives and the Gospel on many different occasions. We plan to continue doing just that wherever the Lord plants us next.

We would like to thank you for all you have invested. Our interaction with you, our prayer teammates, has truly been the highlight and greatest blessing of this chapter of our lives! However, our time as overseas missionaries is officially over.

Donna will continue sending very infrequent email/blogs and maintaining her blog as she has for many years and we invite you to continue the journey with us. If we do NOT hear from you, we’ll assume you prefer not to hear from us. We look forward to sharing the stories of how He is moving around us. He is always working in the most amazing of ways 🙂

At "home" with day-old Matti Grace