Our departure from Germany is approaching at a pace that leaves us breathless and the realization brings tears at the most unexpected moments: though we look forward to rejoining the front lines, we tremendously enjoy it here! In these bittersweet days, our hearts are travel the railroad tracks of simultaneous joy and sorrow, with which many of you are all too familiar. 🙂

As we dive into details of overseas relocation #6, we find that God is still working anonymous miracles (also known as coincidences). Most recently, the cost of shipping our stuff to Palau matches almost exactly the cost the government will cover. If that weren’t sufficient confirmation of God’s directing, we’re also seeing His abundance in the fact that Chili is getting to go with us with only a 5 day quarantine, rather than the traditional 6 months. Furthermore, every single godly mentor in our life is not just supportive, but excited about us going. The Lord is answering your prayers on our behalf for clear discernment and we thank you deeply for interceding for us.

Today would you please pray with us that God would continue to pave the way, not only for logistics, but also in our hearts as we move away from these deepening friendships at the end of this month. Zoe in particular has grown to thoroughly enjoy playing with the little boy across the street. Having moved overseas 5 times already, she has an idea of what is coming, but he’s never had a friend leave; in fact, he’s never had a close friend like her in his short life. Mommy, too, is finding it far harder to face leaving than anticipated. It serves as a daily reminder that Heaven will be pretty amazing – to even beat a place like


Omaha Beach, Normandy, France. A little quieter they day we visited than it was 69 years and one week before…