As we prepared to negotiate the rent we wanted to pay, the owner of the "blue house near the airport" offered us that exact amount. So we smiled seeing His hand in it, took that as confirmation of God’s response to your prayers for a home for us and moved in early November. After six intercontinental moves in four years we’re hoping this will be our last "new" house for a while 🙂

On one hand it’s hard to believe we’ve been here for two months already. On the other, Slick’s already met with countless key people all over the islands and negotiated a potential government contract which would go a long way to subsidize the "missionary" flying and other mission work of PMA. While this contract will mean a lot of flying hours, the real fulfillment comes when we can serve folks on the outer islands:

When, the state boat couldn’t make it to Angaur for over two weeks last month. Food became quite scarce and fuel non-existent. The local elected officials banded together to buy 800lbs of rice, 250 lbs of frozen chicken and 25 lbs of soy sauce which we crammed into every nook and cranny of our "pick-up truck" plane. The weather was, well let’s say "a little rough", but the Lord cleared the way long enough for us to slip in between squalls. "Don’t thank us, thank Jesus, he is the one who sent us here" is Slick’s response to the sometimes desperate, always grateful people we get to serve. The next week, after landing, we were met by a concerned son whose aging mother’s diabetes has swollen her terribly. She was quickly loaded onboard and we raced (well that might be a bit of hyperbole in the Islander) north. The ambulance met us on the tarmac and she was able to get the dialysis treatment she urgently needed and is back home today with her family who sleeps better than they used to because you have enabled us to be here.

As time goes on, however, the sun has been shining and relationships age and we recognize the increased need for the grease of grace, both from and for us. So we’d love for you to join us today as we seek God’s special protection as well as discernment and grace in daily interactions.

"Hey, Daddy! The engine stopped! And it’s a long way down to those little islands…"