If you like solitude, surf and translucent azures and aquas clearly mixed by the Master Artist Himself, the east coast of Angaur is your place! We visited it together one day when loads were light and time was flexible. Another day, while waiting on some folks who’d chartered the plane, Slick ventured around this whole island of maybe five square miles and 100 people, meeting and building relationships with more of the folks we serve (lying six and a half miles outside the protective reef that surrounds most of Palau, Angaur receives the bulk of our service due to limited boat access). Since everyone knows everyone here from birth on, we will always be outsiders, but over time we’d hope to gain enough credibility and trust to speak into a few lives here and there.

Some days we feel covered in spitballs from the enemy, but at the end of the day, we look back and thank God for His protection from both the known and the unknown threats – thank you for praying so He might be glorified by His response to your requests for our protection! The house continues to be both a challenge and a blessing…on one hand, small enough, it is super easy to take care of, but there are no closets or garage and so we have been leaning heavily on "creativity" to create storage space. But on the up side, our "dining patio" is big enough we were able to host our Filipino mechanic and his family of 6 for Thanksgiving J!

So as we look forward to many opportunities over the coming months, please pray that God would clearly guide with regards to a potential government contract and a chance to reach impressionable youth through an aviation program that the community college is considering. Finally, since people are central to the "work" here, we’d appreciate continued petitions for grace on our part, especially during this Christmas season.

Thank you immensely for praying. We wish you a Merry Christmas..and a happy New Year!

A house on the main road that took significant damage in the typhoon. Most of the wood has already been sold as firewood and the lack of jungle here now yields a wonderful view. Other than the northern most island, the rest of Palau sustained fairly little damage.