On Christmas eve we received confirmation that the Lord has responded to your prayers by awarding us a US government contract. Thank you Lord! andthank you for praying last month! Now for our latest requests 🙂 …

As you know, all churches are broken. That shouldn’t be surprising given that we, broken people, are the ingredients. As you’ve been praying for grace in our relationships, God has been answering by blessing us with opportunity to encourage the leadership of our local (and also imperfect) church.

– At their request, Slick led them through a two day seminar to help them determine a solid plan for 2014, but past hurts reared their ugly heads. Please pray with us that healing and reconciliation of people in the church would continue and bring the glory to God in the way only such events can.

– Also, at their individual invitations, Slick now meets weekly with the pastor and Donna meets with his wife. Please pray with us for the wisdom and insight to strengthen and encourage our brother and sister in Christ who lead our church.

Finally, please bathe in prayer the wives and young children of two men lost at sea when their boat capsized on the night of Dec 29th. After three fights and many boat trips of searching, only the lost boat has been found. Though sea search is one of our missions, words can’t capture the gamut of emotions at working so close to such a tragedy, especially when one of the lost is a friend. Gino Henry and Jesse Abrahams.

THANK YOU for enabling us to be here!

A beach on Kayangel, the typhoon ravaged northern-most inhabited island of Palau. More pictures are on our Flickr site. Ironically, we have yet to find a local locale like this. Beaches on the main islands are either man-made or private, and always prohibitively pricy. But there is a great nearby pool with a semblance of beach with sand, lap swimming, water slides and other fun activities. It offers a welcome break from the heat and the girls love it.