Breaking the accident chain before the accident: Since aviation accidents are often thoroughly investigated and Slick has done a good bit of that with the Air Force, we know that there is normally a chain of events that line up to create the setting for "the perfect storm". Beginning with an airplane that sat untouched in a humid place for years and continuing in the corrosive, again humid environment of our hanger with a growing list of discrepancies, we recognized potential links in the accident chain clicking together and "pulled the plug" 😦

In late April, Slick flew the plane up to Yap and left it there for some in-depth diagnostics and repair before the "perfect storm" arrived in the form of a significant accident or incident. While it was a hard decision, as it leaves us without a plane to fly until next month, we rest knowing it is better long term to keep people safe and our record clean, rather than the alternative. Sometimes the best choice is the hardest one…isn’t it?

So God has answered your prayers for safe flying a unique way. Slick will be in the US for a few days "test flying" a second plane for Palau and meeting some folks to potentially form a strategic partnership for PMA…but more on that next month :-). We now ask that you join us in praying that we would continue to use our time here wisely, investing where He is working, and that He give us patience and perseverance to stay the course as He leads.

Slick talks with the doctor about oxygen for the diabetic patient who is strapped down inside the plane on one of our last flights, bringing this man from Yap to the hospital here in Palau.