Tanned by years in the tropical sun, Pastor Bambit’s face wrinkled in a familiar squint against the midday sun reflecting off mirror-like water this crystal clear Sunday. Leading two adults and six youth hand in hand out from the church’s beach, he simply kicked off his shoes and waded into the water wearing the same clothes in which he had preached 20 minutes before. Despite the backdrop of the Palauan sea’s indescribable greens and blues, it was the beauty of believers’ baptism that drew the attention of all present: the attractiveness of lives choosing to follow Jesus.

Pastor honored Slick with an invitation to do the benediction over these “new creations”. In so doing, Slick was blessed in return to see in that moment that despite the struggles surrounding us, lives are changing and Jesus’ church is being built. Praise God for His ongoing work here (see the letter below, especially the Palau and Yap sections). Please pray that each of these folks would continue to follow hard after the Lord, responding to every challenge they face in a way that draws them nearer to Him.

Praise Him also for the impending arrival of two new pilots / mechanics and their families, due to arrive in July and shortly thereafter. Stephan, Tanja and their kids will leave their home country of Germany in early July so please pray for final preparations to go smoothly.

Please pray also for God’s guidance and favor as we consider our own next steps, especially the addition of a third little blessing, due in October.

The benediction at the church’s beach-front baptism.

PMA Update MAY 2014

Dear Praying Friends and Faithful Partners,
“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like His glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.” Philippians 3:20-21

When we look at the brevity of our time on earth – life takes on a deeper meaning. We know that this is not our home, and when someone knows and loves the Lord – we know that we have been placed here for a purpose. Whoever the Lord places us with, wherever He plants us, we need to bloom for Him, influence others for eternity, be the salt and light that He desires us to be. We may never pass this way again. PMA missionaries and volunteers may serve short term or long term, no matter, we pray that each moment, each day, each person, each place must count for Christ – as “Only one life, soon it will pass. Only what is done for Christ will last.” Please pray for us that we will always have an eternal perspective of how we live our lives.

GUAM. We thank God for Pastor Inok and wife Erpina, sent by our PMF church in Pohnpei. They are a blessing to us on Guam as we spend time in fellowship and prayer. They are also here to reach out to their immediate family and clan and especially help a young Chuukese church in training, teaching and mentoring its leaders in the Word so they can effectively lead their church. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for Pastor Inok and these young men as they grow in their wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.

KILOGAN, PHILIPPINES. “After our Sunday worship services in Amaga, I take a 30 minute boat ride to Kilogan, and upon arriving there, walk half an hour more, in time for our services in Kilogan. My effort and tiredness are gone when I see many people already waiting for me and they had prepared food for me. The church surrounding is clean. All of them greet me, “Good afternoon Pastor.” I feel like crying out for joy. This gives me strength and encouragement to persevere. By evening, we have discipleship training where I teach the members the basic steps of Christianity. The following day, with the core group we visit families to encourage and pray for them. Please continue to pray for the work, both in Amaga and Kilogan – for the Lord to raise men who would be able to serve and teach others also.” – Pastor Jun Tayangona

BAHAY KALINGA ORPHANAGE, NAUJAN, MINDORO, PHILIPPINES. Jeny Flores-Gutierrez, our Social worker reported: “We have newly admitted 3 siblings referred to us by MSWDO (Municipal Social Welfare Department Office). Though the parents started well, the relationship changed when the father started having extra-marital relationship compounded with physically abusing the mother who is pregnant. MSWDO had to step in when the mother asked for their help. Hence, the children were given to BK for temporary shelter, while the mom worked to support the family.” Please pray for the mother that she would have a healthy pregnancy and baby and strength to continue to support the family. Pray for the three children, that they will find peace, comfort and solace at BK and that the Lord will reunite them as a whole family.

PALAU. “In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Praise the Lord for the opportunity for having been chosen to continue the outreach to the children at Meyuns Elementary School by CEF-Palau. It is a joy to see the excitement of the children as they gather together: to learn songs, memorize Scriptures and listen to Bible stories. Some of the boys attending are now coming to our Sunday school. Pray that they will know Jesus and receive Him as their Savior and Lord.” By: Joy Balayo

YAP, MICRONESIA. “After returning from Guam where I had my annual flight physical renewed, I planned a trip to Palau in May, after our baby was due to be born. But then Heidi said it was better for me to fly earlier so that I could be back to help her. After two weeks in Yap, I flew to Palau. During the week I was there, I was able to install a fuel computer and do other much needed maintenance. I received a call from the Yap Hospital saying they needed me to medivac a patient from Yap to Palau for dialysis. Since there is only one flight per week between Yap and Palau, the earliest I could go back to Yap was Sunday. So the hospital, having little hope for the patient, said they would wait until I returned. Praise God that by Thursday I was able to get our Palau aircraft airworthy, and early the next morning, Slick and I departed for Yap to pick up the patient. I was able to give my family a hug hello and goodbye, load the patient into the plane and return to Palau. His family was so grateful that we were able to come 3 days earlier, and we were all glad and thank God, that the patient was able to make it to dialysis in time.” -Amos Collins

POHNPEI, MICRONESIA. “The History of Redemption”, an Easter program Nob wrote in the style of a readers theater opened our eyes to the power of memorizing the Word of God. The Easter musical was interwoven with songs from our 50 member youth choir, power point depicting redemption and video footage of the resurrection. Interwoven throughout the program were kids who had memorized pages of Scripture. Yes, it was only memorized Scripture that was spoken throughout the program – telling the amazing story of Redemption from Genesis to Revelation. God’s Word never returns void without accomplishing its purpose in the lives of those created in His image. The young people memorized God’s Word very quickly and we were able to present a most moving Redemption Declaration. Thank you for praying. God did it again!” – Sylvia Kalau

As we journey this part of eternity, we are thankful that we are not alone. That our God promised that as we serve Him, He will be with us and never leave us nor forsake us. Not only does His presence abide with us, but His power is available to us as we obey Him in sharing His Word and our lives to a lost and dying world. Let us then persevere with determination to not let one day pass without giving Him glory. God bless you more and thank you for your Partnership!

In Him we live and move and have our being,
Melinda R. Espinosa

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