Koror Evangelical Church (KEC) celebrated its 85th anniversary on 29 Jun, intensifying the celebration by commissioning its first missionary (to Papua) and two new pastors! KEC and PMA both come from Liebenzell International Mission www.liebenzellusa.org, which introduces people worldwide to Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, education and humanitarian aid by partnering with churches to recruit, send and support missionaries, and by facilitating retreats, conferences and projects that benefit our ministry partners. We thank the Lord for hearing your prayers that believers continue follow hard after Him by raising up new missionaries to reach the lost in some very hard places!

After flying a MEDEVAC in Micronesia at the end of June, Slick brought the US Government Cessna 337 from Yap to Palau and began flying an anti Illegal fishing demonstration for the Republic of Palau. Illegal fishing is a multi-million dollar enterprise that steals valuable marine resources from Palau and many other small, young nations in the South Pacific. PMA is proud to be doing our small part to help build up the country of Palau by protecting its God-given natural resources and stopping crime on the high seas. Please pray for safe flying as Slick ventures 200 nm off the coast of Palau every weekday during the month of July and that the weather cooperates and does not hinder or endanger.

Sonsorol Island is 180 miles from anything. For our first official mission, we were tasked to photograph a 305 foot super-barge that had washed up on the big island’s reef. It is just offshore from the only town on this tiny island, which is part of Palau. The Lord cleared the weather just when we arrived overhead and right before we returned home – Jehovah Jireh!

Close up…

And closer up!