As we seek a home in northern Japan, enjoying the cool of the mornings, we identified with the excitement the oozed from Stephan as he recounted their first opportunity to serve in Palau: flying a little girl with multiple dog bites from the outer island of Angaur to the hospital in Koror. Knowing how rough the road to Palau has been for them, we praise God all the more for this encouragement to Stephan and Tanja, encouragement that comes from the deep reward they feel from having the chance to make a difference.

In a sense it is also a confirmation to us that God’s work in Palau continues even without us. Another confirmation came when PMA’s accountant Melinda told us our total support over the year covered our expenses almost to the dollar. If a coincidence is God working an anonymous miracle, then we’ve see seen another miracle. And not just one. The baby due in October has also flipped just as we started praying for her to reposition head-down. Donna thought she felt it, then a quick ultrasound confirmed her positioning – and gave her the chance to stick her tongue out at daddy the first time he got to see her.

As we settle into our new home, we’re asking God to clearly show us where He would have us serve and minister here as well as for healthy growth of #3. We’d love for you to join us in those requests.


Stephan flies 11-year-old Taylor up from Angaur to be treated at the hospital for multiple dog bites. It is the maiden voyage for both Stephan as new missionary pilot and for PMA’s newest acquisition, a 6-seat, single engine Cessna 206. God arranged the timing so that both pilot and plane would be in place for this occasion and we pray it will be the beginning of a productive new era of service and ministry for PMA in Palau.