Surviving and thriving. Not just Gwendi, but all of us. And we often thank God for bringing this about in response to many of your prayers over the last two months. It’s a little frightening facing child birth at the ripe age of mid-forties – for both mom and dad! (Every time Slick thinks about being 66 when Gwendi goes off to college he swallows pretty hard – lol!)

As time passes the Lord shows us more and more where He’s working, so that we might join Him. In the midst of the work-a-day world there are several young men who’ve sought Slick’s counsel in addition to those he meets with regularly. In the midst of the homemaking life, another young woman has approached Donna for intentional discipling. We consider it nothing shy of blessing to be invited in this manner to join God where He is working in those around us. While not as flashy as flying, there is a deep and real reward that comes from watching the miracle unfold as God changes a life over the course of time. While we thank God for the chance to invest in enthusiastic young lives, we also pray that He would provide discretion and discernment as He grows us through these relationships.

On the horizon, we are beginning to hear echoes of invitations to serve in more formal roles in various places in the chapel community so please pray with us that we would dive in only where the invitation is truly from above and not from the strong desires of our own hearts.

Last and greatest of all, please pray that we would not only teach and delight the kids in our children’s church, but that we might survive our month (December) of volunteering to help with them as well! 🙂

Sisters loving one another. Gwendi’s a little overwhelmed I think!