For a long list of reasons we moved away from Palau, but it appears she continues to draw us back and to do so at a depth that touches the heart and soul. In mid February, Slick spent a week on the islands with both PMA missionaries and various government official…who are establishing and enforcing a Palauan marine sanctuary. He even got to meet with the President! After his return, when he had a moment to reflect, he expressed profound gratitude for so many windows into God’s ongoing work there.

From warm hospitality to intimate conversations throughout the week, God deeply encouraged the PMA families through Slick and vice versa. An old friend quietly related a story the unknowingly belies her tremendous faith and perseverance in reaching out to those in her workplace. Through an obviously God-ordained series of events, Slick witnessed a family’s overwhelming gratitude for the divine provision they had prayed for with great hope, but little confidence. Doors opened to political leaders in ways we never even dreamed of last year, allowing work to progress but also allowing lives and Biblical counsel to be shared. Passionate prayer in different heart languages was the highlight of Slick’s trip as he got to experience “Let every tongue and every tribe, sing praises” (“Every Tongue” by Mark Altrogge). And Slick’s strategic planning work on Palau has only just begun! 🙂 We look forward to seeing even more what the Lord is doing in the hearts and lives of His people in April when we visit again!

Back at home, we jumped into our “God Questions” small group with both feet, fielding the most popular question “How do I change my behavior?” right off the bat. While given very positive feedback, it struck us how important it is to bathe this group in prayer: sickness and a smattering of other reasons have prevented many people from coming. Opposition from the enemy confirms we’re on the right track, so please pray with us for the folks who have committed to come and who are considering coming, that nothing would stand in their way.

Zoe at one of the snow festivals near here. Amazing what they do with snow, ice and lights.