April 2015

Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/donnadouglass/sets/

We are sorry but, we’re NOT moving to Palau as our last update may have led you to believe: just visiting for a week in April when we will see our friends in ministry to encourage them and Slick will run a multinational conference for the Palauan government. Prayer cover for all is much appreciated and please accept our apology if we were a bit unclear!

"No one does this!" exclaimed a gal, referencing her weekly meeting for discipleship with Donna. Three times in one week we heard that comment echoed. And we see that as confirmation that we stand in a "gap in the wall" (Ezekiel 22:30): one-on-one. intentional discipleship is something that needs done but isn’t – at least not often – and this is where we have been led to invest. Slick meets weekly with several men; Donna meets with the gals. What a blessing on one hand and humbling responsibility on the other as we watch God work with folks: a blessing to see them work through hard things and grow; a huge responsibility because it feels a bit like "tinkering with men’s souls"! (Not to mention what we learn about ourselves in the process!)

We have found that ministry often looks like building relationships and walking beside folks for a while, and then in a moment, God intervenes dramatically. He did that recently in the lives of a young couple here – bringing them into darkest hour of their married life. But in their active, positive participation mixed with what can only be explained as His work in their hearts, we can see clearly that God is rebuilding them to be something even stronger and more beautiful than before…that He is preparing them for great work in His kingdom. It is a daily prayer request that we would discern – and put into practice – how best support, encourage and love them as God restores and that we would lead others, too, with whom we meet regularly to Him who can save.

Thank you for sharing our journey and for joining us before the throne! Latest pictures will be posted in a day or two: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donnadouglass/sets/

Lunch among the "snow monsters" at the top of the local Hakkoda Mountains