"When I see how far we’ve come, CLEARLY, God has done a miracle!" related our friend with reference to the repair and growth of their marriage over the last month. From rubble to a solid foundation and sound framework, it’s been an awesome blessing to see God heal hearts in response to His children’s continual choices to be open with each other and to act in forgiveness and in each others’ best interest, regardless of the unbidden thoughts or feelings that may surface. Even while we praise God, we continue to stand beside them in prayer as they embark on separation due to a six month deployment. Will you join us and them before the King?

Looking south… Having walked a mile in their shoes, we spent our week in Palau serving and encouraging our missionary-friends there however we could. Reflecting on the week and hearing the comments of our friends and of Slick’s employers and co-workers in the conference he coordinated, we believe the trip was a success. Certainly as a result we know how better to pray for and practically support these families who continue to brave the steamy environment, the tricky relationships and the hard decisions presented by burgeoning flying operations.

On a personal note… "Praise God from whom all blessings flow…" At least if you know the words and tune you might recognize Matti’s sweet little voice trumpeting the Doxology from her car-throne on the way home from church. Yes children are truly a blessing, from Gwendi’s coos, bubbles and smiles to Zoe’s pink polka-dotted hippopotamus Grand Prix race car, they bring tremendous joy and laughter as well as endless fodder for prayer – both for them and for us as parents!

The Douglass 3 and the Krake 2 (Abby and Joshua) – so good to visit old friends!