Every June for the last 5 years, I remark to Slick "this year has gone particularly fast". And this is no exception! One of the accelerating factors (in addition to small children) is – no big surprise at this point, I’m sure – another impending international move – lol!

After examining the situation from every angle with advice from Godly friends but seemingly little distinct direction from anyone including God, we made a choiceā€¦and then received His clear confirmation – phew! So off we go to Holloman AFB, NM; for the second time in Donna’s life she will move from Misawa to Holloman. All the girls will spend the summer again in upstate New York at the Christian girls’ Camp Cedarbrook, however, in hopes that Slick will find the perfect home and have us fully moved in and settled by the time Donna arrives in August J!

Another piece of the acceleration has been a marked increase of meetings with individuals and couples. Joyfully and tragically these form the "railroad tracks" of our lives, where joy and sorrow travel close together and we often find our hearts holding both at the same time (Rom 12:15). One couple takes baby steps toward improvement, each partner intentionally moving toward Jesus and the other. Another reveals little hope to divert divorce. A third continues steady progress toward one another and each partner of this couple, steady progress deeper in their walk with Jesus. In all of this, it is amazing to see God change people and their lives to the extent that they choose to submit to Him.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us and for us, both for the folks mentioned above and for us as we embark on another uprooting and separation. And also, that we would apply what we are seeing in others and choose to submit and obey all God asks of us, too, that He might be evident in us as well.

Some things we will very much miss about Japan!