Many praises for God’s sustainment through the storm of spitballs and snowballs, no doubt in response to your prayers. They do continue to come, but this recent storm seems to have passed into a brief reprieve. Like a hill with a cool breeze after struggling through the steamy valley. What have we learned? More of His comfort, His power, His modus operandi in molding and shaping us.

Beginning with a hike to a view of the White Sands far in the distance, Sandi recently led Zoe’s school leadership thru a strategic planning retreat, enabling them to take a significant positive step toward better discipling and training our precious little ones. Praise also for a good first week of Donna, Matti and Gwendi visiting with Donna’s family. Prayer requested for a continued meaningful visit as well as sustainment for the momentary division of our family. When we are apart, Sandi says it highlights to him how much he enjoys living with the rest of us, but quick adds that he doesn’t need a reminder – he feels that way every day. (me too – a great marriage is a true blessing!)

Speaking of marriage, we appreciate your intercession for the marriage small group which just completed Family life’s seven week study, The Art of Marriage. Judging from the comments, discussion and tears on the last night, we’d say the study proved quite impactful for the five couples who continued to the end. As it seems to happen every time, praise for successful completion breeds request for prayer for the next step, which God has yet to make clear and so we wait.

And also on the home front, Zoe recently prayed that her entire class would receive a "soaring" (the highest grade for behavior) for that day. And they did! A small prayer, a small answer for a small person. To us, an illustration of how God meets us where we are in our experience of Him and how He answers prayer, sometimes immediately and demonstratively, even for the smallest of us in the tiniest corner of the world. Meanwhile, Matti reads a few more simple words each day as Gwendi’s toothless gums slowly vanish into history while the era of walking begins.

We do treasure your companionship in prayer, knowing that He does hear and respond and more importantly, He enjoys the time we spend focused on being with Him, sharing our heart with Him in such a manner that He can let us know He’s there. Please let us know how we may join you in your journey as well.

Overlooking a valley on the east coast of the Big Island of Hawaii…Enjoying the time with Donna’s family.