Timing is everything. It is a theme throughout the Gospels that "His time had not yet come". Likewise, put the baby to bed too early and she’ll wake up too early. Too late and she’ll sleep poorly and wake up sometime in the middle of the night. Change her diaper too early and you’ll have to change it again in a moment, too late and she’ll get a rash J ! That’s probably too much information, but we’ve seen that with so many things – and some are happening right now.

As we disciple people, there is a time to talk about each new subject. Too soon and the relationship is insufficient. Too late and we waste precious time. As we thank God for the opportunity to encourage our brothers and sisters, please pray with us that we’d accurately discern when, what and how to speak.

As Slick works with several organizations, there is a time to wait and a time to affect change – not too soon when relationships are insufficient, but also not never. With each new organization we gain a tad more insight, but would still appreciate your prayer for the wisdom on when to wait and how to move when the time comes.

Likewise there is a time when a story is best told. Many of these we’ve shared: stories that unfolded over months, even years, but we shared when we thought the time was right and we could glorify God specifically for the work He’d been doing all along. Right now we feel very much in the middle of several stories. God continues to set several stages, but clarity will only come with time. Does is suffice to simply ask for prayer as mentioned above?

We love to hear from you and know how we might offer some incense of prayer on your behalf. Knowing we walk this road together with like-minded folks is a huge encouragment!

The Master Artist splashes color over the desert: the view from our front door one evening.