“You look really good!” That’s not normally what comes to mind regarding a mother at the memorial service for her son. Though I didn’t say it aloud, she commented that God was amazing. Since hearing the news, they had been surrounded with friends and family, sympathy, gifts and flowers. She said she woke up dreading this day but instead had experienced God’s incredible provision and comfort expressed through the many people who came to “weep with those who weep.” Furthermore, she sensed His continuing love in the wisdom of those who promised to show up in another week, when family returned to their disparate homes. While such a path is one no one desires, it has allowed this mom an experience of God Himself and us the chance to see Him at work.

In a more personal experience of His unique language for each of us, Slick understood that God was giving me (Donna) the gift of my favorite race, the Mt Taylor Winter Quadrathlon. When Slick shared that with me, it illuminated the masterpiece the Artist had been crafting all day. Perfect weather, feeling strong, gear working without a glitch. The view from the top of the mountain across all of central New Mexico. Something inexpressible that results from facing the question, do I have what it takes? And pondering the vast implications of that question in all areas of life. I found that here in this one area at least, yes, the heart to press on to finish strong still thrives 🙂

Last month we asked you to pray that we might press on. Not only in the Quad, but also in life, God swept his hand of response across the landscape. Much progress was made both with Slick’s involvement with Zoe’s school in their planning process and with relationships within our church. We had the wonderful opportunities, like bookends of mutual blessing at the beginning and end of the month, to host missionary families in our home. What encouragement to hear how God is working both in and through them. And in between, God showered on us the gift of a lift-side condo in Durango for a week of skiing, swimming and playing together as a family. Slick even built his very first snowman!!

This month would you bring our small group before the King, that we might discover more of Him as we meet? And also that we’d have wisdom and discretion as we walk beside a handful of people, including the family who mourns the loss of their son.

Again, THANK YOU for upholding us in prayer. Let us know how we might do likewise for you!

At the top of Purgatory Ski Area (Gwendi was playing with friends at the base area)