Men of character, people of character, are few and far between. Yet beside us right now walk two who are being tested by the fire of a so-called “life changing diagnosis”. In the “peculiar clarity” that comes of such news, the revealing light showed the high quality of their lives, not their lack and it certainly helps us pause to reflect, to consider the certainty that my days, too, are limited; therefore, what should I change? And thus move toward the depth of character where these two men are.

“Not fun, but good,” Slick said of his visit to our friend Howie who’s exhausted the gamut of treatments for his bone cancer. Donna’s visit “back east” two weeks prior could be similarly summarized. A definite blessing that has come of Dad’s AML (Leukemia) has been the stronger ties and increased communication of family. We appreciate your prayers for the next month, during which Donna returns east again for her sister Ginni’s wedding to Henrich, and as Dad endures his “consolidation chemo” and another 3 planned weeks in the hospital.

As we reflect over the past several months, the growing theme for both of us has been simply to follow where God leads, moment by moment (Luke 9:57-62). Both in really fun choices like flying gliders and in ones we may not prefer. To be part of what He is doing in lives and organizations around us is such a blessing! As is watching His work in the lives of the girls: seeing all the stacks of books at Barnes and Noble, Zoe chose a Bible as her one book. Matti, too, loves to sit and read through her Kids’ Bibles. Now to make that leap of application from what they read…may we too be enabled to take that leap everyday 🙂

Thank you for walking this road with us and echoing the prayers we share: that God would continue to draw our family together and more importantly, to Him, in this season; that He would continue to work in and through the members of the small group that meets in our home; and huge praises for His work in our girls. Let us know how we might walk with you on your prayer journey as well!

Celebrating Matti’s 4 years with a family tradition 🙂