"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." When I reflect on the ways we’ve seen God work this month, that poem comes to mind: "Let me count the ways!"

Girls in Donna’s Bible studies at camp have voiced appreciation for the studies. Some are asking great questions. Many share amazing insights. The overall atmosphere at camp is somehow different. Elsewhere among the staff, God clearly stepped in to bring a conflict between two staff members toward resolution, though there is still much room for prayer and progress there. And there are several clear miracles that brought specific staff here at this time of transition of camp leadership: a boss granted 8 weeks of vacation time; a scholarship was offered as one gal got on her plane to the US; family responsibilities ended at just the right time; schools and studies are beginning and have ended at just the right time…

God has also responded demonstratively to prayer for our girls and for us. We have been able to connect, if briefly, nearly every day, which is a tremendous blessing. And God provided Zoe’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Rosengrant, not only to be here for the first week of transition to camp, but to stay for a two days of overlap to help young Faith (the girl’s “counselor” for the summer) learn the ropes – and as God often does, He went far above and beyond by instilling in Mrs. R so much for Donna to learn as a mom. Both the girls and mom are tremendously better as a result of her seven-day stay!

However, it seems there are nearly always railroad tracks in life. That is, alongside the amazing joys of life are crushing sorrows running parallel at the same time. As of today, both Dad and Howie are back in the hospital. Dad in great physical pain; Howie in a deep emotional valley as infection threatens his body, weakened from chemo. How it deepens our faith to walk beside these two men of God as they mine the depths of their sojourn here on Earth. Please pray for their comfort, healing and witness to the staff, patients, family and friends they encounter.

As the “spitballs” (annoying little things!) continue on a regular basis, we see our need for spiritual intervention and sustainment and ask for your prayers of His provision in these areas too. Only as we are supported in prayer can we continue to move forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying! Please don’t let up!

Our Baby Gwendi is growing up!