Stay the course. Endure. Time is short. True of both our lives and the summer. Summer when Donna works at camp in NY. Summer when our church in Cloudcroft welcomes many escapees from Texas lowland heat. Brief, intense seasons of opportunity to pour into precious lives.

As Camp winds down, we reflect and continue to experience young girls embracing a relationship with Jesus for the first time and staff moving forward daily in their relationships with Jesus and with others. Subtle in some ways, it remains miraculous how God enables 40+ women, though weary from long days with little respite, to pour into each girl as if she were all that mattered. How He enables staff, though working and living every moment in close proximity to each other, to serve together almost seamlessly, promptly smoothing bumps as they arise. Truly He is still at work here at Camp, responding to your prayers. Please continue to cover us in prayer for God to work in and through each staff, camper and volunteer, that His hand might be clearly seen by all and that each person would take a step closer to Him.

Back in the southwest, Slick is in the thick of intentional development among the Cloudcroft church members and seeing upfront what God is doing in many lives. Two men have been sharing consistently how the Lord has been prodding and motivating them in their journey to be obedient as teachers in His church. Another has moved from excuses to action while a third had shared how the Holy Spirit has just “slapped” him and that he needs to change. One has accepted the call to leadership after many months of seeking the Lord’s guidance and despite knowing the challenges that will come. Seeing the Lord moving so demonstratively and in such a concentrated manner is ample encouragement of time invested and not just spent…and more opportunity is appearing on the horizon.

We cannot express sufficient gratitude for your support before His throne. Thank you for standing with us. Please join as we look for a strong finish to this summer season and a smooth transition to being together again (YAY!) and Zoe and Matti’s return to school. We so appreciate your intercessory participation in this! Thank you.

Getting wood chips from the local mill: an essential part of having horses at camp