When the story is complete, in its entirety, or at least with the near-term conclusion showing – that is the time to tell it.

The story of camp for summer 2016 is complete and, by God’s power, successful despite the departure from our staff of the kitchen manager, the nurse and finally even the director. The director left only to have her baby, a healthy, beautiful little boy, just before the last week of campers. The other two left for other reasons, but both on good terms, a victory in itself. As a result, we the staff had front row seats to God hand at work, seamlessly finishing out the summer and continuing to draw campers, staff and volunteers closer into relationship with Himself. That part of the story is complete, but another part remains to be told: Would you pause to pray with us, that those who took steps nearer to their Savior, especially those who entered for the first time into a relationship with Jesus, that they would persevere and continue in their commitment?

Slick finished a course of study on teaching with two leaders in our church. A subsequent denominational small group leader training course revealed the success of the time invested in them: "Slick, they just told us everything you taught us!" Slick credits the book they studied but nevertheless it is a great encouragement to see the smallest finger of God working in someone’s life to effect change.

Other tales are still in the middle, not ready to be told just yet. Dad and Howie continue their difficult journeys. At the moment, Howie is very close to his graduation and the next chapter of life for both him (in heaven) and his family back here. Dad is not quite so close are far as we know but did have a few very rough days recently. Would you join us in prayer for both them and for their families, that these stories might end well and bring glory to God?

Thank you for walking alongside us on this journey and for allowing us to share it with you. Thank you for praying with us.

Evening at camp just before departure