2016. A year of great contrasts. Three precious babies born to close friends; eight friends, neighbors or parents of friends “graduated” from Earth, including Donna’s dad – missed dearly by us still earthbound but promoted to Heaven (itself a contrast!).

The girls, too: greater pride and joys along with ever-changing challenges, as I’m sure all you parents know!

Zoe (7) just started piano and is already on her second book.

Matti (4) bounces more than walks and hides how much she can really read.

Gwendi (2) counts to 17, runs, jumps and climbs, and constantly tells you all about it.

And now for the big news: For the first time in seven years, we DIDN’T move this summer and therefore we still say,

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from southern New Mexico…for now… 🙂

No, Slick didn’t really dress up as Santa. And Santa was a bit too much for Gwendi…

All the best to all of you and yours.