For the first time in seven years we had no children for 48 hours. Many thanks to the Pickles and Arnholts for keeping our kids! To be able to hold a conversation for more than two sentences at a time and just jump in the truck and go to dinner… It was truly a Weekend to Remember! The lectures and practical exercises were very good as well. Discussions during the weekend plus a telling phone call did lead us to conclude that we need to be open to the next move, though we have no clear direction as of now.

We covet your prayers on that front and thank God as He helps us heal from the hurt and loss of 2016. Truly God is the great comforter and while we have to burning to desire to experience Him in that way again, we are very thankful that He is.

A sky-sized display of God’s creativity and beauty out our back door. Complete with a line of birds heading east (or a spot on the camera lens!).