Back to the basics. After having things a little unsettled for the last year (both Donna’s dad and Slick’s biological dad had medical struggles and then passed away in the last year), we feel we are finally beginning to regroup. In the wake of the marriage retreat and thanks to our friends’ daughter wanting babysitting jobs, we rekindled the weekly date night. The chance to talked uninterrupted refreshes our relationship and emotional strength for the next week.

Now somewhat settled in a new church, we joined a Sunday School class just launching and look forward to getting to know the folks in it even better.

And finally, we’ve rekindled our Sunday evening connection with families and couples God’s placed in our lives. It’s an informal tradition to hopefully encourage folks and deepen relationship over pizza and salad.

Even as we hunker back to these basics, we wonder about and seek the next step: whether we might re-enter full-time ministry or if we might stay where we are. And if staying where we are, how we might become more engaged in ministry. Would you join us in prayer that God would enable contentment even as He brings direction quickly and clearly?

Gwendi helps me preflight a Holloman Aeroclub T-41 (Cessna 172) at Alamogordo Airport.

Winter in NM: a hike in Alamo Canyon near our house. Zoe and Matti also chose to hike the mile and a half back home!