The basics (church, date night and Sunday dinners) continue and have evolved into a little bit of outreach as weekly we share “pizza and salad” with friends and acquaintances from the aeroclub or Slick’s work.

And we are grateful to continue to see His activity in our life: In a twist on date night, Donna convinced Slick to do the “Sunset Stroll” at White Sands one Monday evening. The Master Artist showed up at well, painting a beautiful sky shortly after sundown. And He continues to guard and protect our little ones as well: after an evening in the emergency room for breathing trouble, three bags of IV saline and a few inhaler treatments, Gwendi has returned to being her happy little, left-handed self. Slick’s dad also came for a visit for Matti’s 5th birthday and left more interested in reading the Bible – which is evidence that God can use anyone for His purposes, even a family of energetic munchkins corralled in a not-always-graceful manner!

Doors of direction continue to crack open a hair and to slam shut, so we would greatly appreciate your joining us in prayers to wait well, pray expectantly, serve where we can and be available whenever He gives the "go." How might we intercede for you and yours?

White Sands after sunset.

God’s great playground!