A benefit of staying in one place for more than a year is being able to connect with people less transient than ourselves. We thank God for his using us to encourage other folks throughout the month as we continued our regular pizza-and-salad Sunday evenings. He’s also used our house to provide a place for a young Air Force family just moving to the area, while they look for a home. And He may be doing even more than just giving them a comfortable place for these few months, but that story is still unfolding and must wait to be told.

Another story of which we are in the middle, but where we sense God workings, is our next step. Several churches have expressed significant interest in Slick, and he has an interview with one in just a few days and is preaching there the following Sunday. Several details surrounding that have also begun falling into place. In the past (and according to Dr. Blackaby in Experiencing God) when details began to align, that is confirmation that this is both God’s direction and His timing. That it is not just "an open door," but The Specific Door that He is directing us through at this time. We would appreciate your intersession for the Lord’s clear guidance-we want to be on the path He ordains and not any other.

So standby for more on that next month! In the meantime, we continue to pray for you. Please let us know how we can sharpen our aim.

Exploring the Gila Cliff Dwellings in western New Mexico.