Abundant and demonstrative. That has been our experience of God in the past when He confirms a path we have begun to walk. In July again He was demonstrative in confirming Slick’s call to Washington Valley: the certification that normally takes months was done and published in less than 48 hours. The last roadblock removed, Slick stepped into the pulpit on 16 July – and spent the first 10 days of his pastorate in his second favorite situation: going to school at Nyack, working on his doctorate.

However, as is nearly always the case in ministry, the road is neither smooth nor easy, so we do covet your prayers for him to speak and act in wisdom and gentleness.

On Donna’s side of the ring, the summer at Camp is already almost over. The last campers depart on 5 August. Praise God for the initials in our notebook of many campers who opened the door of their hearts to Jesus for the first time while they were away in His creation. It is truly wonderful to watch God at work in the stories of these precious lives.

Looking forward over the next month, please do pray that the completion of our move from NM to NJ would be expeditions and uneventful despite all the moving parts. Slick and Matti go to a family reunion in MN next week, followed by Donna and all three girls going to NM to pack. The end of August will find us all together, traveling back across the country in the truck again and finally arriving in NJ to begin the final stage of this transition. Please join us in asking for clarity of mind as we deal with countless details, and grace with each other as we move through these changes. They makes us long even more for our unchanging, turmoil-free heavenly homeā€¦

Please let us know how we can be praying for you more specifically. And thank you for standing beside us in this windy journey!

Though it entails much hard work (see below), camp has been fun for all. Zoe was a camper for her first time!

The girls get to enjoy the wood chips that the horse stable helpers loaded into the pick-up truck.